Why Use Webinars For Your Business?


Have you been considering using webinars for your business, but still feel confused?

Not to worry, many marketers feel the same way. While you may realize that using webinars can really boost your business, the thought of presenting a webinar can be totally frightening.

Before deciding one way or the other, you should look at both sides of the webinar scenario. The benefits and the disadvantages. Let’s start with the disadvantages.

The main issue for any business owner not to hold their own webinars boils down to three main things.

• Being scared of running one

• Costs associated with webinar software

• Not knowing how to use the software

The main objections of not knowing how to run one and being scared of doing one are common fears. Both of these will disappear quite quickly. Once you have access to the software you can easily learn how to use it. After you have held your first webinar your confidence level will increase and you will look forward to holding your next one.

The money issue can be a deterrent for many people too. Some of the popular webinar platforms such as Go to Webinar, can be expensive and out of the reach of many small business owners. It is possible now to use Google Hangouts to run webinars and this will not cost you anything.

Now to the benefits of why you should hold webinars.


• Great way to connect with people regardless of location

• More cost effective than travelling to different parts of the country or world

• Webinars can be recorded and the recording can be given to attendees

• Perfect for coaching businesses

• Many platforms allow you to show attendees slide presentations

Having the ability to show slides and hold presentations means that a webinar can become a learning tool very easily. It is often much easier to show people visually than try to explain concepts to them. Great vessel for teaching as well as training

One of the biggest advantages has to be that of reducing travel time to events and seminars.
Some webinar platforms are capable of handling 500 or more attendees at one time so your potential to reach your audience is huge.

Another benefit of holding webinars is that you can literally hold a quick webinar or meeting at any time. If something comes up and you need to connect with other employees, you simply schedule a webinar meeting.
Hopefully you can now see why running webinars can be advantageous for you.