UPDATE! A few giveaway administrators were not pleased about this posting and they let us know it. Nothing personal but the ones I heard from are the administrators doing a lousy job. Instead of complaining to us simply 'clean-up your act' and DO A BETTER JOB... A MUCH BETTER JOB! Learn how to run successful giveaways or quit! You are simply cheating both contributors and members and tarnishing the efforts of successful administrators.

If you use JV Giveaways to help build your subscriber list you really need to read this editorial.

If you are a JV Giveaway administrator that is seeing sagging results you really need to read this editorial.

If you are a JV Giveaway administrator that has been running ONE BAD GIVEAWAY AFTER ANOTHER you really need to read this editorial.


Back in 2006 and 2007 there were only a few giveaways per month. And most delivered very good results and it wasn't unusual to have over 50,000 member sign-ups.

Jump ahead to 2012 and with very few exceptions all you have is 'ONE BAD GIVEAWAY AFTER ANOTHER'!

Who is to blame for this?

Mostly, the bad figures are directly related to new administrators (not all) that really don't know what they are doing.

And a lot of them don't appear to be very concerned that they are really screwing up the ability for giveaways to drive subscribers to your list.

We have been rating giveaways since 2008 and usually are fairly accurate when we rate the ability of a giveaway to build your subscriber list. But that has proven to be more difficult the past few months because of the number of incompetent amateurs that insist upon running their own giveaway.

That doesn't mean we are against someone attempting to run a giveaway and we will usually give them a pass for the first few attempts while they learn what they are doing right and wrong.

But if you run a few giveaways and can't muster up at least 300 member sign-ups per giveaway... IT'S TIME TO STOP!


A great example of what has been happening lately can be showcased by the following giveaways administered by the same marketer.

* Johnny Appleseed Day Giveaway (started March 11th) only 118 member signups

* National Teachers Day Giveaway (started May 6th) only 18 member signups

* Cinco De Mayo Giveaway (started May 6th) only 20 member signups

Overall, pretty pathetic results but it can get worse because the very same marketer is now promoting 2 additional giveaways.

* The Avengers Giveaway scheduled to start May 10th

* Happy Mother's Day Giveaway scheduled to start May 13th

REALLY??? Two new giveaways when all you have to show for the last 3 is a grand total of 156 member sign-ups! What criteria are you using to measure the success of your giveaways? And how do you even begin to justify a $17 upgrade fee when many extremely successful giveaway administrators charge $10 - $27?


Are you a giveaway administrator that usually does well but is seeing results that are lower than expected recently?

You should be concerned about all the lousy giveaways because they are affecting you in a negative way. It's not that they are taking away sign-ups that you would usually get. They are simply turning marketers off giveaways altogether!

One giveaway that started yesterday should be doing great and the figures are well below average. You don't need to look much further than the above example for the reason so perhaps it's about time for you to start being concerned and begin complaining.

But you can also make some changes with your own giveaways to help improve your results.

* begin by banning the contributors that sign-up, submit a gift, and don't promote. They are only trying to feed-off the subscriber lists of legitimate contributors without exposing their own. And most of you know who these contributors are because they consistently use the same tactic.

* stick to the requirement that a gift must be recent. When new marketers visit most giveaways they see the same old products and the attraction of signing up as a member are soon lost. We have been guilty of that because we simply see other marketers getting away with it and it really is about time to end the practice.

* product rights should be consistent. Don't allow a contribution to be listed as having Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights if the normal product usually comes with graphics and/or sales page and the gift doesn't include them. The member expects and should get some quality products but far too often they only receive a portion and the product is of little or no real value to them.

Beginning immediately we will no longer be supplying a list of as many giveaways as possible. We will list only those that we feel have real potential. If you rely upon us for the most in-depth list of giveaways we will no longer post sign-up links relating to marketers that have a poor track record. We will list the name and date of the giveaway only with the comment, "DO NOT SIGN-UP"!

As of this weekend we will also begin to list administrator names under headings of WHOSE HOT, WHOSE HOT & COLD, and WHOSE COLD!

A partial list is below.

Whose Hot? (almost always delivers exceptional results)

* Stephanie Mulac
* Reed Floren
* Henry Gold
* JT Martin
* Chuck Mullaney
* David Walker
* Paul Teague
* Guido Nussbaum
* Keith Purkiss
* Paul Mihai Pavel
* Rodger Hyatt

* David Railey

Whose Hot and Cold? (usually delivers acceptable results but occasionally can have a bad outing)

* John Estes
* Robert Mesa
* Kurt Tasche

* Mike Collins

Whose Cold? (almost always delivers unacceptable results)

* Hans Castiglioni (did not appreciate our honesty and has blocked access. Yeah, that will improve your giveaways. You can't hide from bad stats no matter what you do.)
* Aimee Grace
* Jeffrey Palladino
* Karen Catangay
* Scott Drake

* Jeff Carter (another giveaway administrator that blocked access apparently so we could not see their giveaway stats!

This list will be updated frequently. Pay attention and you'll avoid wasting hundreds of dollars per year on giveaways that simply can't deliver good results.